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OutOf   aiR | 2016 

Created and performed by Irina Lavrinovic and Asher Lev | (2016)


This piece invites everybody in the room to continue breathing together. It plays with the awareness of this gaseous sharing, provoking an attunement to the air that permeates the inner spaces of our bodies. Our work confronts an audience with the situation of depletion of air and asks for people to respond. Together we saturate the space with rhythms and intensities resonating from air molecules that are passing between lungs and other elastic containers.

Produced by DAS choreography at the Amsterdam University of The Arts; co-produced by Haekem and Bains Connective; with support from Mifal Hapais

Video - 5 minute excerpt 

OutOf   aiR was presented so far at:

CREATurE Live Art         September 15, 2017 in Kaunas, Lithuania

Diver Festival                 August 31, 2017 in Tel-Aviv, Israel

Cala Festival                   July 20, 2017 in Cori, Italy

RavneDans                      July 11-12, 2017 in Kristiansand, Norway

Moving Forward            November 15, 2016 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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