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Asher Lev was born in Canada in 1981, and grew up in Israel. He is a performance maker whose works have toured festivals in Europe, Israel, Canada and the U.S. As a dancer he worked for Yasmeen Godder (ISR), Örjan Andersson (SE), Edhem Jesenkovic (DK), Ina Christel Johannessen (NO), Ohad Naharin and Batsheva Dance Company (ISR), Carte Blanche (NO) among many others. Lev has a BA in Sociology/Anthropology and Islam/Middle Eastern Studies from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and an MA in Choreography from the Amsterdam University of the Arts. He is interested in experimental somatic practices, radical physiologies, process and experiential philosophies. Together with his life partner, Irina Lavrinovic, they are researching and creating work at the intersection of art, community and altered states of consciousness. Lev is a spiritual and psychedelic practitioner entering other forms of togetherness, communities and the public sphere.  He is a reactive artist who likes to face the powers at be. A body that transforms between solids, liquids and gas, raises hell and disappears into the ground.



2014- 2016           Amsterdam University of the Arts (The Netherlands) Masters of Choreography

2009 – 2012         Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel) Bachelor of Middle Eastern Studies and Anthropology

1997 – 1999         The Ga’aton School for Dance of the Kibbutz Dance Company (Israel) high school graduate

1995 – 1997         Mizra Conservatory for Music and Dance (Israel)


2018                     "Tube to Daughter Sea", premiered at Kelim Center for Choreography (Bat-Yam, Israel)

2016                     “OutOf   aiR”, premiered at Dansmakers, (Amsterdam, Holland) in co-creation with Irina Lavrinovic


2015                     “Performing Art Through Ecstatic Pathways”, Arts Stations Foundation (Poznan, Poland)


2015                      “Hunger Strike”, Rabin Square, (Tel – Aviv, Israel)


2013                      “Ruth The Spy”, Tmuna Theater (Tel-Aviv, Israel)


2013                      “Vomit 4 Civil Rights”, in front of Nazareth Illit city hall, (Israel)


2012                      “Avi Menaser”, The Store Gallery (Tel-Aviv, Israel)


2011                      "Trying To Be Fruity”, Gerard Behar Center (Jerusalem, Israel)


2012                      "Happy Accident Over My Dead Body", Musrara Mix Arts Festival (Jerusalem, Israel)

2012                      "21 Questions", Gerard Behar Center (Jerusalem, Israel)

2009                      "Missing", Tmuna Theater (Tel-Aviv, Israel)

2007                      "Juices", Tmuna Theater (Tel-Aviv, Israel)

2006                      "Avi Cohen”, Tmuna Theater (Tel-Aviv. Israel)

2002                     "The Kettle", Tmuna Theater (Tel-Aviv, Israel)  



2016 – 2017         Carte Blanche (Norway), directed by Hooman Sharifi

2015                      Tina Tarpgaard (DK): “Tumult”.                                              

2014                      Edhem Jesenkovic (DK): "M.E.N."


2014                      Yaniv Cohen (NO): “How Hard Can It Be?”                          


2013                      Maya Levi and Anando Mars (IL): “Renaissance”                 


2013                      Lior Lev (IL): “Jerusalem Syndrome”                                                


2013                      Elad Shechter (IL): “Nenya”.                                                    


2012                      Örjan Andersson (SE): ”Name of the Next Song”.             


2011                      Edhem Jesenkovic (DK): "4 Times Hundred".                                


2010                      Örjan Andersson (SE): "Solo For Asher Lev".                                


2009                      Örjan Andersson (SE): "Pile It On". (Andersson Dance).


2008                      Ina Christel Johannessen (NO): "It Was November".                   


2007                      Örjan Andersson (SE): "Triptyck”                                                      


2007                      Ingrid Olterman (SE): "Allt Nu".                                                           


2006                      Örjan Andersson (SE): "Ready To Explode".                                  


2006                      Ohad Naharin & Tabaimo (SE): “Furo”                                            


2005                      Nicolas Musin (CH): "Sensual playground".                                  


2005                      Christina Gering(CH): "Sie Sind Da Draussen".                           


2004 – 2005          Yasmeen Godder (IL):”Hall” and  "Strawberry cream and gunpowder".            


2003                      Ronit ziv (IL): "Steam", "Mud".                                                             


2002                      Mami Shimazaki (IL): “Blue Wound”.                                               


1999 – 2002         Bat-Sheva Ensemble (Israel), directed by Ohad Naharin      

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