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Avi Cohen | 2006


In Avi Cohen, Asher Lev creates a climate that is all about playing, agitating, drinking and regurgitating movements, emotions and materials. The fragmented narrative that emerges blends and maximizes the silly, the ironical, the sad and the nonsensical.  The performance then shits swiftly between the familiar and the uncanny, immersing the public in an emotional climate of nightmarish intensities.  Who is Avi Cohen and why? Bright colors, bird language and some radical actions for our motivation.


Choreography and performance: Asher Lev

Original sound track: Asher Lev

Stage design: Dorit Shaked

Costumes: Yehiel Ginzburg

Extra Music: Bjork

Photography: Elisha Lev

Stage and rehearsal director: Talia Beck

Graphic design: Hadar Akram

Video - trailer (5 min)

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