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Ruth The Spy | 2013

Pragmatic actions are those actions that alter the world because some physical change is desirable for its own sake - a means to an end. A free movement has no end in two senses of the word: it never begins in space and time nor does it end; it peruses no goal and is perhaps (only) a form of play (Ranciere). 


It’s cutting edge. One, we have two people and they’re moving! Two, the dance of the tongues cannot be missed. And, the feelings of socialist culture come into play as they do swing and they do saw. In fact, it’s carved raw and hacked not entirely through. These heavy tools make rhythm and find space - to imagine this, imagine that.


Choreography: Asher Lev

Performers: Ruth Valensi and Asher Lev

Music: The Red Army Orchestra

Light Design: Amir Kastro

Produced by Tmuna Theater

Video - full work (19 min)

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